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chakra toronto Chakra Studies Certificate Course
7 Thursdays: December 7-January 18, 2017-2018 | 6:30-8:00 pm | Special: $300/person semi-private (public course with a max of 3 students) 10.5-hour certificate course

Become intimate with the chakra system of the human body, known as the 'wheels of life'. Each week includes a different chakra meditation, the teachings of renowned authors and energy healers (such as Barbara Ann Brennan and Caroline Myss), and intuitive exercises and a variety of healing techniques to tune in to the chakras for clarity, clearing, and balance. Learn the symbolism of each of the 7 major chakras, including: related organs, glands, ailments, elements, colours and tones, life themes, and aspects of consciousness. We'll also explore some of the lesser known secondary chakras of the body, plus the earth chakra and star chakra.

Ideal for both personal interest/healing and professional knowledge for energy workers and other health care professionals. This course is instructional and experiential, please dress comfortably. A course manual is included, and you may wish to bring a pen and paper to take notes. Facilitated by Kerri McCutcheon (Licensed Holistic Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Meditation Instructor). A personalized Certificate of Attendance is awarded upon completion.

To register yourself, please click ‘Add to Cart’ below (to register an additional person, adjust your quantity before checking out). Held at 720 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON, M5S 2T9, (conveniently located on the TTC subway line, and just south of Bloor St, with parking nearby). Notes: The office suite will be provided upon registration. Kindly provide the full name you would like to appear on your certificate.

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You may also enquire about private classes or add your name to the wait-list for future date offerings. Please see InnerVitality’s Treatments page if you wish to book a chakra healing session.


Pendulum Workshoppendulum
TBA, 2017-2018 | 2-hour Workshop | Special: $110/private workshop (regularly $140)

Come join founder Kerri McCutcheon for this info-packed workshop to experience how pendulums work, and explore their various uses for inner clarity, health and wellness, and even spirit connection! Also included are techniques to cleanse your pendulum, how to measure your chakras, and how to ask questions for clear results.

To register, please select your class size from the scroll down list and click ‘add to cart’ below. Please bring a pendulum and 3 written questions you'd like to seek guidance on, as well as pen and paper to takes notes.

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numerology toronto Intro to Numerology Certificate Course
Early 2018, TBA | Special: $505 for private 9-hour certificate course (regularly $630)

What’s your number? Join us for the ancient and mystical study of numbers, discovering the teachings of both Pythagorean and Chaldean traditions! Learn to calculate Numerology charts, to decode: birth names, life purpose, karmic lessons, global and personal year numbers, astro-numerology, and relationship dynamics. Does your chart have any master numbers… or do you see repeating numbers day-to-day? Come explore what they mean! This Certificate Course includes a manual and is ideal for personal interest and as an introduction to client numerology readings.
Please bring a pencil and eraser, and calculator if you wish (your cell phone may come in handy for this).

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Angel Meditation & How to Read Angel Cards
TBA, 2018 | Special: $505 for private 9-hour certificate course (regularly $630)

Immerse yourself in the angelic kingdom to discover who's who, and be led through a variety of beautiful angel meditations to connect more deeply. This certificate course includes instruction in how to give intuitive angel card readings for personal interest or as an introduction to professional training.

Facilitated by instructor Kerri McCutcheon, C.A.C.R, who has over 20 years of experience connecting with spirit, and training from angel-expert Doreen Virtue.
Please bring an illustrated angel oracle card deck with you to class.

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If you are interested in booking an Angel Reading with Kerri McCutcheon, please hop over to InnerVitality's Reading webpage!


learn tarot toronto Intro to Tarot Certificate Course
Spring 2018, TBA | 2.5 hour classes, over 6 weeks

Learn the ancient divination art of tarot card reading and tap into intuitive guidance for yourself and/or clients! Through this 15-hour beginner-level training (both instructional and experiential), you'll be equipped to read tarot using any deck, and you'll learn a variety of spreads. Facilitated by instructor Kerri McCutcheon, C.A.C.R., who has over 20 years of experience with the tarot. A course manual is included, and a standard tarot card deck is required.

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To book a Tarot Card Reading with Kerri McCutcheon, please hop over to InnerVitality's Reading webpage!


Animal Totems Workshopspirit animal
2018, TBA | 2-hour Workshop | Special: $110/private workshop (regularly $140)

Learn the purpose totems serve in our lives, how to enhance your connection, the medicine various animals teach us, and enjoy a guided meditation with the opportunity to meet your power totem!

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Tea Leaf Reading Course
6 hour course | Special: $330 for private 6-hour course (regularly $420) | This InnerVitality course with Kerri McCutcheon was featured in Maclean’s Magazine!

read tea leavesYou’re warmly welcomed to come immerse yourself in the ancient art of reading tea leaves! Learn how to give insightful tea cup readings for yourself or clients, explore a variety of symbols, enhance your intuition, and receive readings yourself also. Enjoy the following topics:

• Anatomy of the tea cup
• Interpreting symbols & images
• Reading time in the tea cup
• How to deliver messages

To register: Select ‘private class’ from the scroll down list below, and click ‘Add to Cart’. Please bring a teacup with saucer, loose-leaf tea, and pen and paper to class. Kerri will let you know what is suitable, or can pick up any of these items for you to purchase if preferred.

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You may also enquire about
private training or add your name to the wait-list for future public classes. If you are interested in booking a Tea Leaf Reading with Kerri McCutcheon, please hop over to InnerVitality's Reading webpage!


reiki training toronto Reiki Certificate Workshops

Experience the beautiful universal life-force energy of Reiki, pronounced ray-key. Reiki certificate workshops are ideal for those pursuing Reiki professionally or for personal interest. Please contact InnerVitality if you're interested in training and we'll be happy to send you more details and answer any questions.
Additional resources: You can read more about Reiki on our Reiki Treatments page. InnerVitality's 7-week Chakra Studies Certificate Course provides in-depth knowledge of the energy centres of the body and many healing tips; popular before or after your Reiki training. To add even more depth to your Reiki training or if you're new to energy work or meditation, consider joining our Spiritual Development Circles, as these classes will further your intuitive development and provide excellent skills/tips you can share with clients as well.


Private Instruction
Individual training is available with Kerri McCutcheon on a variety of InnerVitality topics, classes and courses. This type of training is also ideal for out-of-towners and to support you in your ongoing practice. Appointments are available at InnerVitality’s office (and select classes are available by Skype video), or you can arrange to have Kerri come to your home/group location (additional fees apply). If you have a particular training interest, please enquire.

Regular rate:

Follow the links for course details, then purchase the desired special from the scroll-down list below. InnerVitality will email you to schedule your class time.
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Spiritual Development Circle

To register for any of InnerVitality’s Spiritual Development Circles, please make your selection and click ‘Add to Cart’ above (once in PayPal you can select ‘continue shopping’ if you wish to register for additional classes).

Kerri also offers private classes in meditation, spiritual development, mediumship, and various divination arts which can be geared to your personal needs and interests!



*PLEASE NOTE: Tax is additional. Please view InnerVitality's Class and Event POLICIES, Terms and Conditions.

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