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InnerVitality Astrology Consultations & Soulful Guidance


astrology toronto‘Spiritual Warrior’ Astrology Consultation
Transforming Fear/Anger to Triumph!
$133 for a 1.25-hour appointment (plus, 30-min preparing your chart prior to your appt)

inner vitality reading specialKerri McCutcheon will have a peek at your astrology chart, and the associated symbols of the degrees (the channeled teachings of each zodiac degree) for its indications of: Possible consultation benefits:
  • Break Patterns: Can provide insight into why certain situations may be repeating in life, and what behaviour is (not) helpful.
  • Yourself as a Spiritual Warrior: Self-reflection on how you’ve taken a wound and chosen to grow, not despite it, but because of it… that’s extremely powerful!
  • Please note: this is not a counselling service, so please have some support available as needed.
To purchase your session, please click ‘Add to Cart’ below. You are welcome to advise of your availability within PayPal before checking out, and InnerVitality will email you back to confirm an online or phone appointment time. Your birth date, birth location (and time of birth if known) are required at the time of appointment scheduling, thank you.


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