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Open to Ease

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reiki torontoCome destress and find your balance this season! A variety of energy healing treatments are available with Reiki Master Kerri McCutcheon, RT-CRA.


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The day of your appointment you might enjoy checking out the ‘hood too! InnerVitality is located in the professional offices at the beautiful Carrot Common. It’s known as a centre for health and well-being… carrot commonwith a colourful outdoor courtyard, green roof, grocery store, organic juice bar, crystal shop and more! There’s often street musicians adding to the summer vibe too!

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Seeking alignment and inspiration on your angel reader torontojourney? Kerri welcomes you for a variety of Readings:

• Archangels & Angel Cards
• Guides & Animal Totems
• Loved Ones in Spirit
• Past Lives, Soul Contracts
• Tarot Card Reading
• Tea Leaves
• Psychometry
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Held by appointment at InnerVitality’s office at the Carrot Common: 320 Danforth Avenue, Suite 202, Toronto.


Affirmations clear your mind For a mind at ease…
Thank your mind for all it does for you, and invite it to relax and be at ease. Here are some affirmations to assist:

💠 I am a loving and wise being.

💠 I talk nicely to myself.

💠 I am brilliant and creative.

💠 I have a crystal clear mind.

💠 I enjoy learning new things.

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Monthly Message | Open to Ease

As I sat down to consider a fitting topic for this newsletter, I heard spirit step in and say, Let us type one up for you Child, you know that you like those ones best… full of ease and natural flow. And we do say to you that is a great topic, ‘How do we open to more ease in our life?’ So, without further ado:

woman laughing in nature

Open to ease Dear Ones, that is the topic on the agenda when we connect. Of ease. Ease of understanding. Ease of matters being attended to. Rel-ease.

1. Intend Pleasure | Set your intention before you start anything… your day, your meeting, your lunch. Before you begin your day, Children, what is your intention? Do that which pleases you most first thing in the morning. Even those of you who are not necessarily the early bird sort will feel delighted with themselves that they put what’s important to them, number 1 on their agenda. Then there’s no cutting it out as the day gets full of to dos or if you feel behind.

2. Care for Self | Then, number 2 on the agenda should still be you. That which the body pleases. That which is good for the insides. Number 2 is that which is up to you, but that which you will want to do, and will beat yourself up if you do not do. As examples: steam some broccoli, go to yoga, meditate, or make a date with your practitioner.

3. Invite a Union with Spirit | Make us number 3, really truly. Ask your guides and invite us angels to watch o’er you. Yes, it is us angels speaking. (At times you feel apart from us, all the while we’re helping to heal certain things within you… then we ‘pull up our socks’ so that we can really get you standing up straight again. And you’re looking great by the way, and will continue to stand taller yet!)

So these are your top priorities. I then ask the angels where love is on the agenda. You ask about love? Well, love is always in your heart. Do these, all three, with love. Do all things with love.

Go be love in action in your lives. The universe is calling you, step forward, it is time. You are love, you are hope, you are prayer. Do you know what this means? It means you are an almighty everlasting soul. Go be truth, set free your ways, do not be hindered. Be prayer and love in action. Be you, hope instills, you are loved.

Well, we heard it from the angels… permission and the necessity for joy/pleasure to move to the top of our list. Here’s to a summer of ease! Drop me a line or post a picture @Inner_Vitality on Twitter if you care to share what you’re up to! #SummerOfEase

If you’d like to partner on this theme of feeling more ease and harmony (or stress ‘rel-ease’) in your life, I welcome you to get in touch on services that may benefit you.

With love,
Kerri McCutcheon, InnerVitality

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Register now, then join us at InnerVitality’s office at the Carrot Common: 320 Danforth Ave, Suite 202, Toronto:

💠Fantastical Beings
July 23 | Do you feel a unicorn in naturespecial connection to unicorns, centaurs, dragons, or mermaids? You’ll have the opportunity to discover why, hang out in their energy and learn from these wondrous creatures!

💠Magical Eve of Numbers
August 13 | Hey, what’s your number? life path numberCome discover the calculations and meaning of your life purpose and personal year numbers. Then discover how to connect intuitively with numbers for some meaningful insight on your journey!

💠Mystical Legends
August 20 | Join us for a mystical merlin’s magicmeditative journey to the Isle of Avalon and immerse yourself in the lore of Arthurian legend! You’ll have the opportunity to meet Merlin, Morgan Le Fay, King Arthur, Guinevere and more. What wisdom will be revealed to you, or gifts do you share?

💠Spiritual Protection
August 27 | Discover ways to protection tipskeep grounded and protected – in daily life, stressful situations, and during intuitive or healing work. Step forward with healthy boundaries, confidence, optimism, love and strength!


Weekly Spiritual Development Circle Psychic Human Series
Starts Thurs, Sept 7
psychic skillsI believe that we’re all born as intuitive beings, that this gift of awareness is part of our wholeness, and is required to harmoniously navigate our life. It’s a great joy of mine to assist others in rediscovering and awakening this part of self! I hope you’ll accept my invitation to join me (Kerri) in this first series, held in a fun and welcoming environment. Topics include: gut instincts, higher self, enhancing each of your intuitive senses, intro to aura reading, and psychometry.