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Encumbered, Yet Free?
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Dear friends, please take note of InnerVitality’s new phone number, 416-556-0452, which will be activated soon. Please delete my long-time phone number which I’ve disconnected, thanks…with lots of spam callers in today’s society it feels freeing to create a fresh start. Coinciding with a new website launch to come this fall, please note InnerVitality’s email addresses will also be changing, though you may continue to use the current email addresses until further update. I look forward to sharing a refreshed website with you this fall!


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September Message | Encumbered, Yet Free?

kerri mccutcheon inner vitality As I write, it feels like the approach of fall has come upon us quickly with a couple of much cooler and windy days. It amazes me how much I love the change of season at this time of the year, whereas in my teenage years I would regret the close of summer, and not look forward to what I then viewed as a gawdy display of colours during the climax of fall. I’m smiling here as I reflect on what time teaches us, for everything that shows up is a beautiful gift from God. Every. Single. Thing.

I share this message with you at a time where I’ve reached the seeming limits of a situation in life, and instead of allowing fear and restriction to call all the shots…I’ve decided to release judgement, to forgive a mess of disgrace, and embark to create miracles out of a situation that feels extremely unfair. Making our own decision and finding choices in each moment, no matter the situation we are in, is where our creative power lies…and is where love itself lives.

Even if we feel stuck, fearful, or restricted in some way, encumbrances can turn into one fascinating spiritual lesson. Of course it certainly doesn’t feel that way initially, and the only sweet relief seems to be to acknowledge it and find a way to smile in the rain. Even a seeming nightmare of a situation can actually teach us our true liberation if we learn to find our flow despite what is.

For the larger perspective is that if we can forgive, if we can find the good in the person or at least the situation — we are able to co-create with the best in ourselves, teamed up with our own personal faith in a loving higher power. To do so, we set ourselves up for our own success, as we find the courage to speak up, learn to rise like the phoenix, or burst out of the seeming barred gate and claim a life of our choosing once more.

Aligning with love empowers us to create lemonade with the bushel of ‘lemons’ dropped at our doorstep, and intend rainbows despite how the weather of the day appears. When we are able to move forward internally, when we are able to gently teach those who maligned us or others we care for, and when we are able to reconnect with joy — that is indeed when the grand shift happens — from outward restriction to pure inner freedom.

I wish you the most beautiful season! Hope to see you soon…upcoming classes and services are posted above or feel free to click the website link below. Please note my new phone number: 416-556-0452, in effect soon.

If you feel unsafe, stalked or harassed, please do tell someone. Get some support around you. If you are in danger now, call 911 or your local police.

Much love,
Kerri McCutcheon


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