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Enfold Them in Love
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August 3 Update
Hey everyone, Please note that InnerVitality’s website is currently being renewed and some fun projects are in the works behind the scenes. I hope you enjoy a wonderful August… and I look forward to introducing an updated website to you in the fall! Namaste.


Summer Message | Enfold Them in Love

Dear friends, it’s been a while since I’ve written and it’s wonderful to check in with you. As I write, we’ve just had a refreshing downpour in southern Ontario during the heat of summer, and in what feels like cosmically very pregnant times. What a beautiful precipice our collective world is at… have you been feeling that too?

I wanted to share with you a spiritual message that came through a few months ago, that feels ready to release now. It can also be read before you retire for the evening, setting the scene for a peaceful and inspirational guided visualization meditation. As you read, you may be familiar with some of the affectionate terms the spirit realm has for us, such as ‘children’ and ‘dear ones’… to me it feels like a warm embrace:

Dear Ones, imagine you are sifting through the open air on your back, free as a bird, unencumbered as you view the night sky. Freer and freer, you know no bounds. You are reaching the soul realm now, untying yourself of knots, relaxing with more and more ease, and stretching out your vibration so that you are no longer contained by your body. You are safe here, you are always protected here, you know this place. And the more you consciously visit this place, the more you look forward to it, and the more you align in your waking state with increased effortlessness and speed.

You know more and you have access to more when you connect in here throughout your day. Did you know this Children? Did you know this is the place where answers are found, solutions are given, ideas are tried on for size? There are so many tools in your physical realm, but this is the one surest quickest route that requires not another, no resources, no certification or hoops to jump through before your approach.

inner vitality springThis is your home Dear Sweet Ones, your home. Heaven calls you here often. Go now and release whatever ails you here. Ask for a council of elders to be near you if you are in a difficult situation or don’t feel you will be able to translate this information to your human self. If there’s a pattern repeating, most definitely do some homework, of the soul variety. Line up others to assist you, here in the soul realm and in your wakening world. Others who have woken up, others who have personal experience in this repetitive battle — they are ones who shall surely stand behind you as they understand you, and are inspired to help you learn the sweet lesson and break through.

We shall be calling to many of you in your sleep. Do ensure you are taking steps to set yourself up with adequate rest. For those that are not sleeping well, rest still has its benefits. Do not frustrate yourselves. Extra rest is important. There shall be things coming due in your world. Nightly, you will have your sweet release, untold healing, and new solutions to conquer. You can do this Children, you are playing a greater role in the galactic response at this time than realized.

There are others who are fighting for your realm, but not to fear, you shall do it up quickly. Make it a conscious intention (which is why we share this here), and you shall be doing even more than you realize. It shall help you fight the great fight. You shall not let your realm go down into darkness, you shall not. Be real, be kind, be *extra kind*, and you all shall have your sweet release.

Fight power with kindness, love sets you free. Open heartedness awaits your realm more and more as you stand up in the power of love and kindness to those that would wish for destruction. Enfold them in love, Dear Ones, that is the answer. It is not about who is right or wrong, or whose solutions affect specific types of change… the solution is love. That is always what heals the rift. The powers that be would have you feel that issues are a battle of politics, generations, sexes and beliefs — it is not the issue. Hatred is. Competition is. Strife is.

Love heals, Dear Ones. Use it. Surrender it. Be it. You are opening up your realm then to worlds beyond, you are ready. Your esteemed approach is supported by many. Love heals, love sets you free. Always Children, this is the way. In your own lives and in your galactic destiny. Blessings be, you are love.

If we find ourselves feeling off course or pressured from within to create positive change within our sphere, remembering that the bridge is loving kindness, is key. It proves the desirability for all of us as everyday citizens (no one above the other, and no one less extraordinary), to participate in creating more heaven on earth.
With love to all,
Kerri McCutcheon

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